The Wu-Yi Tea Company
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The Wu- Yi Tea Company-Made with USDA certified organic tea. The Wu-Yi Tea Company is named after the pristine and glorious Wu-Yi Mountains in the Fujian Province of China. Our premium high mountain tea is USDA certified organic and comes to you straight from the tea farms in this beautiful and peaceful mountainous region. The tea farmers near Mt. Wuyi Shan are known to produce some of the most sought after and highly regarded tea in the world as they take great pride in the delicate production of their tea leaves.

Chinese herbs:
Chinese medicinal herbs have been studied and used for centuries to improve health and vitality and have been used in tea blends since ancient times. Each of our proprietary blends of Wu-Yi Tea is specifically formulated from remarkable and beneficial Chinese herbs which stimulate and boost the overall spirit and well being. Choose which designer herbal blend best suits your lifestyle and daily rituals.

Researchers have discovered that the polyphenols (EGCG’s and Catechins) in tea are powerful antioxidants known to block cellular damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. By including a cup of tea a day to your diet you will not only enjoy one of the fastest growing healthy beverages in the world, but perhaps improve your longevity and energize your spirit.

Fair Trade:
The Wu-Yi Tea Company ensures that quality of product and fair trade is top priority in the production of our tea line. We institute the highest standards in our tea production which include the effects on the environment. We use non-bleached tea bags which are better for your health and the environment. Please recycle your tea box when you have finished enjoying your tea.

Try all of our Wu-Yi Teas today to see what fits your lifestyle the best and cheers to your better health!